I am the victim of a crime and I want a restraining order to keep a person away from me. Will your office do this for me?

Our office does offer assistance in obtaining certain types of restraining orders. When a case involves domestic violence, we work with victims to obtain domestic violence restraining orders. We also work with victims and witnesses in obtaining criminal protective orders after a criminal case has been filed. If a case …

I am the victim in a domestic violence case and I want to drop charges. Can I do that?

All criminal complaints are prosecuted on behalf of the State of California. Only the prosecutor can issue or dismiss charges. Although the decision whether to prosecute or not prosecute is ultimately up to the prosecutor, the victim’s opinion is important and the prosecutor will take those wishes into account when …

The judge ordered the defendant to pay restitution to me but I have not received anything. Who can help me?

If the defendant is on probation, restitution is usually paid through the Court Collections Department and you may call them at (805) 639-5010. If the defendant is on formal probation, you may also contact the assigned probation officer by calling the Probation Agency at (805) 654-2132.

I was the victim of a violent crime. Will your office pay for my medical bills? Will your office help me collect for lost wages and for pain and suffering?

We may be able to help you recover medical expenses and other financial losses. Other services may also be available to you. Please contact our Crime Victims’ Assistance Unit or call (805) 654-3622 for more information.