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News Release: December 6, 2021
VENTURA, California – District Attorney Erik Nasarenko announced today that Jonathan Lucero (DOB 10/02/02), and Prissilla Estrada (DOB 07/07/01), both of Los Angeles, were charged with carjacking and related crimes after their arrest with two other suspects on ...November 30, 2021.

News Release: December 6, 2021
District Attorney Erik Nasarenko announced today that Alfredo Ortiz (DOB 07/25/83), of Oxnard, was sentenced to 35 years to life in prison for the murder of his wife, Teresa Ortiz. On September 16, 2021, Ortiz pled guilty to first-degree murder and admitted using ...a gun.

District Attorney Nasarenko celebrated with the community at the 71st annual Santa Paula Christmas Parade this weekend. On hand to keep everyone safe were representatives from the Santa Paula Police Department. It was a joyous event to kick off the holiday season and honor our “Hometown Heroes”... (the theme this year).

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“Welcome to our new District Attorney Investigators, Michael McManama and Daniel McLaughlin. Both have extensive and distinguished law enforcement backgrounds. It is an honor to have them join our team!” – Erik Nasarenko, District Attorney

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Meet Chief Deputy District Attorney Michael R. Jump…

“As part of Native American Heritage Month, I want to honor my great grandparents who were born and lived on the Cherokee Nation West reservation in Indian Territory in what is now Oklahoma. I am also a citizen of the Cherokee ...Nation. In addition, I am Scottish, Irish, Welsh and apparently a little indigenous central American among other things. I am also a product of the dustbowl with grandparents who moved from Oklahoma to California to work in the oil and agricultural fields as part of the mass “Grapes of Wrath” migration that Steinbeck wrote about.

I was born and raised in Santa Paula. My family lived on Limoneira Ranch. Our neighborhood was full of families with kids whose parents worked for the ranch. All of us ranch kids frequently rode away sunny days in packs on homemade bikes cobbled together from mismatched parts. We had little money and a lot of time to invent games, hike chaparral hillsides and generally figure out ways to entertain ourselves.

We also worked hard. The first job I ever had was as a thirteen-year-old, picking strawberries in Oxnard with my best buddy and neighbor. Subsequent teen summers were spent picking lemons, avocados and doing weed abatement around the ranch.

I credit working in the fields and orchards, along with hardworking, loving parents with guiding my brother and I to be the first generation in our family to graduate from college. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and then went onto graduate and law school earning a Master of Science in Environmental Science and Juris Doctorate. After law school came other adventures working for the Bristol Bay Native Association along the Bering Sea coast for two years immersing myself in Yupik Eskimo village life.

Now I am a Chief Deputy District Attorney who develops and oversees programs that help victims. I am a product of many different cultural and racial influences in one fair skinned hazel eyed mix. I am proud of it all. I am proud of my Native American heritage. I am proud of the ranch culture that taught me about tolerance, diversity, friendship, and hard work. And I am proud of the work I did in court, holding people accountable as a trial prosecutor and of the work I do now helping victims and developing the Ventura County Family Justice Center in Ventura. Lastly, I am proud of and feel privileged to be working on a Family Justice Center for Oxnard to better serve farmworker, Mixtecan and Indigena victims.”
– Michael Jump, Chief Deputy District Attorney

Many in our community become victims of fraud each year. We want to prevent that from happening …

Our Senior Victim Advocate Kellie Tyndall and Genesis Estrada of the Ventura County Area Agency on Aging have been busy conducting prevention workshops with area community groups including, ...The Arc of Ventura County, Tri-Counties Regional Center and the Kiwanis of Simi Valley. “I love the work I do—it is so gratifying to meet with the community. I am thankful for the opportunity to help others and spread the word about scams targeting elders and dependent adults.” - Senior Victim Advocate Kellie Tyndall

Some helpful information can be found at:
National Elder Fraud Hotline | Office for Victims of Crime (

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“Today we honor those who dedicated their lives to protecting our communities from devastating fires. Their courage and strength will never be forgotten.”
– Erik Nasarenko, District Attorney

(pictured with Captain Brian McGrath, Ventura County Fire)

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News Release: November 17, 2021
District Attorney Erik Nasarenko announced today that Juan David Vera Mancini (DOB 09/21/76), of Los Angeles, and Brian Patricio Valenzuela Molina (DOB 03/25/97), of Chile, have been charged with 16 counts of residential burglary. Mancini and Molina have been ...charged jointly with 10 counts of residential burglary. The complaint charges Mancini separately with an additional four counts of residential burglary and Molina separately with an additional two counts of residential burglary.

News Release: November 17, 2021
District Attorney Erik Nasarenko announced today that Alisha Diggs (DOB 06/21/92), formerly of Los Angeles, pled guilty to felony automobile insurance fraud.