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Board of Supervisors Hearing – May 14, 2013 – Ventura, California

Chairman Foy, members of the Board, and Mr. Powers, good afternoon. Thank you for the opportunity to offer comment on the District Attorney’s fiscal year 2014 budget prior to formal budget hearings on June 17. I want to thank Mr. Powers and his capable staff once again for their professionalism and assistance during the target budget development process.

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National Crime Victims’ Rights Week – April 24, 2013

In the nine days following the Boston Marathon bombing, it has been virtually impossible to open a newspaper or watch television and not see the very real impact this horrific crime had on its victims and their loved ones. Even as public attention turns from the vivid images of victims and crime scenes to the apprehension and impending prosecution of one of the perpetrators, thankfully the media continues to run stories about the victims.

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Ventura County Area Agency on Aging Fraud Prevention Summit – September 13, 2012

Sociologists tell us that within healthy cultures there exists a social compact of sorts where each generation honors the contributions of its predecessor by caring for their needs in old age.

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Real Justice: Victims’ Rights Delivered – May 14, 2012 – Sacramento, California

On behalf of the California District Attorneys Association I am delighted to welcome you to this important statewide conference on victims’ rights. At the outset, I want to acknowledge and thank the California Emergency Management Agency for the funding that made this conference possible.

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Parents of Murdered Children National Day of Remembrance – September 25, 2012

In 2010, nearly 15,000 people were murdered or were the victims of manslaughter nationwide. This equates to one murder every 35.6 seconds. Sadly, 21 of these homicides were committed in Ventura County – a number that, thankfully, well below our average of 32 homicides per year.

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