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Generally, witnesses, apart from experts retained by the parties, must come to court to testify about matters that they have knowledge of without payment. It is a civic duty imposed upon all citizens in order to insure a just and fair judicial system.

Yes. The defendant has the right to be present in court to hear what all the witnesses say about him or her. Both the prosecutor and the defendant’s attorney will ask you questions.

Witnesses are not limited to eye witnesses. You may not have seen the crime happen but you may know something about it. You may also know something about a piece of evidence, or you may know something that contradicts another witness’s testimony. If you wonder why you are testifying in a particular case, you may ask the prosecutor who issued the subpoena.

When you receive a subpoena from the District Attorney’s Office, please call our Witness Coordination Unit for further instructions. From Camarillo, Ojai, Oxnard, Point Mugu, Port Hueneme, Saticoy and Ventura, please call (805) 654-3006. From other areas inside California, call (800) 692-8887. From outside California, you may call collect to (805) 654-3006. Para asistencia en Español, llame (805) 654-3708.