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Report on the October 4, 2020, shooting of Austin Manzano by Ventura County Sheriff’s Deputies Robert Medina and Gregory Tougas.

Report on the November 5, 2020 Shooting of Javier Magaña by Ventura Police Officer Joaquin Ortega.

Report on the July 5, 2019, shooting of Joshua Ortiz by California Highway Patrol Officer Timothy Putzel.

Report on the November 7, 2018, Use of Deadly Force by California Highway Patrol Officer Todd Barrett and Ventura County Sheriff’s Sergeant Ronald Helus at the Borderline Bar & Grill Mass Shooting Incident.

Report on the October 10, 2018, shooting of Michael Johnson by Ventura County Sheriff’s Sergeant Russell King and Deputy Justyn Czyrklis.

Report on the April 9, 2017 shooting of Jose Romero Gonzalez-Rendon by Santa Paula Police Department senior officer Matt Alonzo.

Report on the December 16, 2015, shooting of Bryant Duncan by Ventura County Sheriff’s Deputy Leon Mah

Report on the March 28, 2015, Shooting of Meagan Hockaday by Oxnard Police Officer Roger Garcia

A Report on the Ventura County Medical Examiner Investigation

Report on the July 28, 2012 Fatal Shooting of Edgar Garcia by Officer Hector Ramirez of the Santa Paula Police Department