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A catalogue of County of Ventura enterprise systems covered by SB 272 is available in PDF form on the County of Ventura website found here.

If the defendant is represented by the Public Defender’s Office, call (805) 654-2201. If the defendant is represented by a private attorney, you may look up the attorney’s contact information on the California State Bar Association’s website:

To protect the privacy rights of victims, we do not give out contact information regarding victims or their families.

Call or visit our office. Our receptionists will try to assist you; however, we cannot give legal advice on private legal issues.

Please submit your complaint in writing to: Ventura County District Attorney’s Office ATTN: Public Integrity Unit 800 S. Victoria Avenue Ventura, CA 93009

You may call (805) 654-2500, write a letter to 800 S. Victoria Ave. Suite 314, Ventura, CA 93009 or send an email summarizing your complaint. It will be reviewed by appropriate personnel and in most cases you will be contacted afterwards.

You should report the matter to the officer’s employing agency. Law enforcement agencies are required by law to receive complaints, investigate the matter, and respond back to the complaining party.

The District Attorney’s Office no longer handles child support cases. These cases are handled by the Ventura County Department of Child Support Services. You can obtain more information from their website located at: You can also contact them directly by calling (866) 901-3212.

Employment opportunities for the District Attorney’s Office and other county agencies can be found through the County of Ventura’s website here: You may also contact Ventura County’s Human Resources Division at (805) 654-5129 for more information. If you complete an interest card on the county’s website, you will receive an email when there are postings for the job classification listed on your interest card.

For security reasons, such a list is not provided to the public. You may call (805) 654-2500 to be connected to an employee’s voicemail. You may also send an email to our office with the employee’s name in the subject line and it will be forwarded to the employee.