Statement from District Attorney Erik Nasarenko on the Recent Shootings in Buffalo and Laguna Woods

My office shares in the sorrow for the loss of innocent lives and the collective outrage over the murderous, premeditated hate expressed in the Buffalo and Laguna Woods shootings. We mourn the loss of innocent lives, we offer comfort and support to those injured, and express our condolences to the families impacted by these criminal actions.

Closer to home, we know there is work to be done to protect our collective safety and security. This past year, county agency department heads have worked with community representatives in the Public Safety and Racial Equity Advisory Group to have regular meetings throughout the year to ensure public safety leaders hear the concern of those most vulnerable to these expressions of hate and evil.

We know that these domestic terrorist acts can hit close to home. We have seen the devastation of their crimes. We know that bad actors can be amongst us and want to call attention to their racist cause and their words. We have heard their voices of hate, harm, and alienation. Let them know that the Ventura County community will rise up to reject hate and intolerance. We reject violence and vile words that serve to divide us rather than bring us together.

Our multi-cultural community will always be a source of strength and my office will always be committed to inclusion, belonging and all the added benefits of diversity in our communities, businesses, schools, places of worship and homes. Ventura County is a remarkable place to live and so is America when we are all committed to fellowship and togetherness.

— Erik Nasarenko, District Attorney