People v. Randolph Kling


People v. Randolph Kling (Multiple Murder)

Murderer of two convicted and sentenced to death

Randolph Kling was a lifelong criminal and con artist who spent most of his adult years incarcerated for 18 separate felony convictions. During his criminal endeavors Kling created or stole more than 100 identities.

Between June 2003 and February 2004, William and Michael Budfuloski and William’s dog, Moo, were killed. An investigation into the killings revealed that Randolph Kling had set his sights on ownership of William Budfuloski’s metal fabrication business, Budco, Inc. Kling had manufactured homemade firearm silencers, researched his victims over the internet and cased their movements before carrying out his plan. In hopes of gaining control of the business, Kling murdered the Budfuloskis and used the internet to seduce Lori Budfuloski, William’s wife, believing that he would effectively inherit the business by marrying Lori.

In May 2009, a jury found Kling guilty of both murders, as well as the special circumstances of lying in wait and multiple murder. Kling was further found guilty of animal cruelty for killing William’s dog; unlawful possession of a silencer, a firearm, and ammunition; and possession of a false driver’s license. On February 26, 2010, Kling was sentenced to death.