Office Locations & Phone Numbers

Ventura County Government Center – Hall of Justice 800 S. Victoria Avenue, Suite 314Ventura, CA 93009 General 805-654-2500 Crime Victims’ Assistance 805-654-3622 Witness Coordination 805-654-3006 Consumer Mediation 805-654-3110 Small Claims 805-654-5054 Administrative Services 646 County Square Drive, 3rd Floor Ventura, CA 93003 Fiscal 805-477-1603 Grant Programs 805-477-1676 Human Resources 805-477-1680 …

Bureau of Investigation

Senate Bill 978 (Bradford) was approved by Governor Brown on September 30, 2018. This legislation requires POST and local law enforcement agencies to conspicuously post on their websites “all current standards, policies, practices, operating procedures, and education and training materials that would otherwise be available to the public” if a …

Lemon Packing Facility Settles Case for Unlawful Release of Air Contaminant

On February 8, 2019, a malfunction of fruit washing equipment at the Association’s facility triggered the release of commercial grade sodium hypochlorite into the air. Sodium hypochlorite is the active ingredient in household bleach and is used to sterilize fruit prior to packing. Two local schools, Blanchard Elementary School and Briggs School, were required to shelter in place due to the incident.

Fisherman Settles Case Involving Diesel Spill at Ventura Harbor

On June 2, 2018, the Ventura Harbor District (VHD) was notified that Albatro was listing in its slip. Upon arriving on scene, VHD observed red dye diesel in the water surrounding the sinking boat. The United States Coast Guard and the VHD immediately performed containment and cleanup efforts to control and collect the fuel spill. During the cleanup, 24 drums of hazardous waste and contaminated debris were recovered from the harbor and transported to a licensed disposal facility.

Settlement Reached in Environmental Case

On February 9, 2021, routine maintenance activities on the commercial fishing boat “El Dorado,” captained by Aliotti, caused a substantial amount of paint debris to float into the harbor and coat nearby aquatic life. Aliotti fully cooperated with the investigation and instituted remedial measures shortly thereafter to ensure a similar incident does not occur in the future.