Law Student Volunteers

Law students at any stage of their education are encouraged to apply. Students are typically assigned to work with attorneys prosecuting homicide, gang, narcotics, sexual assault, domestic violence, fraud and a wide variety of felony and misdemeanor cases including robberies, burglaries, assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism cases. A student may also be assigned to work in the writs and appeals unit, researching novel legal issues and writing pleadings and memoranda for distribution both within the District Attorney’s office and to local law enforcement agencies. Law students may be asked to assist in:

  • Legal research and writing motions
  • Reviewing transcripts of victims, defendants, witnesses
  • Trial strategy discussions
  • Collecting and analyzing statistics
  • Preparing reports and memoranda
  • Assembling trial notebooks
  • Organizing evidence

Certification is not required but students who are certified are eligible to conduct evidentiary and law and motion hearings, including preliminary examinations, Penal Code section 995 motions, Miranda motions, and motions to suppress evidence. Certified law students appearing on the record in court are always accompanied by a supervising attorney. Training in how to conduct court hearings is provided.

Guided tours of the main jail and the Ventura County Sheriff’s Crime Laboratory are arranged for summer student interns.

How to apply: Submissions are encouraged year-round, including from first, second and third year students. There are no deadlines. Law students who would like to volunteer for an internship opportunity should contact Chief Deputy Michael K. Frawley, via email, c/o Legal Management Assistant Cynthia M. Klante at Applicants should include a letter expressing their interest, including when they are available to volunteer, along with a resume. Law students are required to make a minimum commitment of 15 hours/week for 10 weeks during the school year and 40 hours/week for 10 weeks during the summer.

More about our law clerk program can be found below from current deputy district attorneys who started with the office as law student volunteers.

Deputy District Attorney Andrew Reid

If you want a clerking experience during law school that is interesting, come to the Ventura District Attorney’s Office. For me and the friends I made here in the clerking program, it was a fantastic experience. I learned what being a prosecutor is all about. Whether you want to become a deputy district attorney or not, the experience is invaluable and you get to work with great people.

Deputy District Attorney Caroline Sommers

The best decision I made in law school was to clerk at the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office. I was given the opportunity to conduct court hearings and question witnesses. The attorneys were incredibly helpful. I got to fight for justice. It was exciting and the best part of my day.

Deputy District Attorney Erin Meister

I came to clerk at the District Attorney’s office just for the experience, not because I wanted to be a prosecutor. I think every law student should clerk for a prosecutor’s office. It will probably be the most interesting thing they do in their legal career.

Deputy District Attorney JohnPaul LeCedre

I worked at several big private firms in school before I took advantage of a clerking opportunity at the Ventura District Attorney’s Office. I’m glad I did because I fell in love with prosecution. But even if I had not opted for a career as a prosecutor, the experience still taught me that I wanted a career that would put me in a courtroom on a regular basis. I did not know that until I clerked at the District Attorney’s office.

Deputy District Attorney Ethel Hernandez

I knew I wanted to practice criminal law and my mind was open to whether it would be as a defense attorney or as a prosecutor. I’m so thankful I interned in both areas. Volunteering at the Ventura District Attorney’s Office helped me make the right decision. Dynamic and caring prosecutors helped me as a student intern and now I count myself lucky to be able to do the same for current law students.