Administrative Services

Administrative Services is responsible for assisting prosecutors, investigators and support staff in fulfilling the mission of the District Attorney’s Office to promote justice and protect the citizens of Ventura County. Overseen by a chief deputy district attorney, this division provides a wide range of services to support the operational needs of the District Attorney’s Office. Administrative Services includes the Information Technology Unit; Clerical Support Services; and the Fiscal, Administrative and Legislative Services Unit. The dedicated men and women in these units work behind the scenes to accomplish the critical functions that keep the office running. The division meets the computer and networking needs of the largest law office in the county, provides the clerical support necessary to handle more than 15,000 criminal cases each year, administers the operating budget, and provides human resources support to approximately 250 employees. In addition, Administrative Services manages facilities in seven locations, administers numerous grant and revenue programs, and serves as the primary liaison to the County Executive Office, Human Resources and Labor Relations Offices, and the Auditor-Controller’s Office.