Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Remarks to Board of Supervisors

Remarks of:

Ventura County District Attorney
Gregory D. Totten

Fiscal Year 2014 Budget
Board of Supervisors Hearing

May 14, 2013

Chairman Foy, members of the Board, and Mr. Powers, good afternoon. Thank you for the opportunity to offer comment on the District Attorney’s fiscal year 2014 budget prior to formal budget hearings on June 17. I want to thank Mr. Powers and his capable staff once again for their professionalism and assistance during the target budget development process.

While we still face budget challenges and risks, the outlook for the coming fiscal year has improved. As reflected in the FY14 Preliminary Budget Book, restricted prosecution revenues have increased and Prop 172 Public Safety Sales Tax revenues have returned to levels not seen since 2006. Real Estate Document Fee revenue has increased, and we continue to aggressively pursue grant funding to offset prosecution costs.

With the CEO’s proposed General Fund Target, we are projecting a balanced budget that will permit us to fill several frozen positions. So I respectfully request that your Board approve the CEO’s recommendation for the District Attorney’s Office at next month’s final budget hearing. This budget contemplates 267 allocations with 19 vacancies. While this 7 percent vacancy rate is still higher than we prefer, by comparison, last year we had 30 vacancies at the budget snapshot.

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