National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

Remarks of:

Ventura County District Attorney
Gregory D. Totten

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

April 24, 2013

National Crime Victims’ Week is a time to remember the countless lives that have been lost or forever altered by crime in this country.

In the nine days following the Boston Marathon bombing, it has been virtually impossible to open a newspaper or watch television and not see the very real impact this horrific crime had on its victims and their loved ones. Even as public attention turns from the vivid images of victims and crime scenes to the apprehension and impending prosecution of one of the perpetrators, thankfully the media continues to run stories about the victims.

Inevitably, this period of national mourning will end, and so too the accounts of the bombing and stories of the victims and survivors, and as time marches on, this human tragedy will slowly fade from the public consciousness. Yet those who are left behind carry with them the wounds and sense of loss that crime wreaks on the innocent. Like the countless crime victims that came before them, they will return to work and school and the routines of life forever changed, and many will struggle under the weight of this immense burden.

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