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Early Prison Releases

The District Attorney's Office wants to inform the public about convicted, violent criminals who have been released early from prison by the State of California. In 2015, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation began reviewing inmates for early parole consideration in an attempt to reduce California's prison population. Many inmates, with violent histories, in prison as second-strikers are now eligible to be released on parole after they have served only 50 percent of their sentence or are within 12 months of having served 50 percent of their sentence. If the Board of Prison Hearings determines a second-strike inmate would not pose an unreasonable risk to public safety based on certain criteria (criminal history, prison behavior, rehabilitation efforts, and written statements), he/she is released.

The Ventura County District Attorney's Office opposes the early release of these "second-strike" inmates because they have not served their full sentence and their release jeopardizes public safety. Our letters (see links below) to the Board of Prison Hearings in opposition to release provide an overview of the commitment offense and the inmate's criminal history, demonstrating that an inmate's early release poses an unreasonable risk to the public. Many of these inmates who have been released early have violent and lengthy criminal histories.

Examples of Ventura County criminals who have been released from prison early by the State of California include:

Eric Alfred Estrada - Sentenced to prison for nine years, eight months on March 26, 2013, for selling and transporting methamphetamine on multiple occasions, and evading police officers in a willful and wanton manner. Estrada has a violent criminal history consisting of multiple convictions of domestic violence, as well as assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threats while armed with a knife.

See Opposition Letter

Jaime Mendez Amezcua – Sentenced to prison for five years, eight months on August 6, 2014, for two separate felony DUI offenses wherein his blood alcohol level was .24 and .25. Despite the fact that Amezcua committed one of his felony DUIs while out on parole from a prior felony DUI in 2007, and that he killed his friend who was a passenger in the car when Amezcua was driving under the influence in 2004, the Board found he did not pose an unreasonable risk to the public.

See Opposition Letter

Phillip Alamillo Rivera – Sentenced to prison for six years on November 8, 2012, for possession of more than 14.25 grams of heroin for sale. Rivera is a lifelong criminal who picked up his first felony conviction, a residential burglary, in 1969. His criminal history includes, theft, drugs, deadly weapons, DUIs, and participation in an armed robbery in 1978. In 1991 he was sent to prison for 13 years for another residential burglary. He was convicted at least eight more times for various crimes before being sent back to prison in this case.

See Opposition Letter

Scott Cameron Ellison – Sentenced to prison for eight years on February 1, 2013, for possession methamphetamine for sale. Ellison has an extensive criminal history dating back to 1981. He has served five prior prison commitments and had been paroled for only nine months prior to his last commitment offense. He had previously been sentenced in 2005 to 10 years for selling methamphetamine in 2003. This "second-striker" knocked a female unconscious and fractured her cheek bone in 1986, and in 1982 attacked a customer at a restaurant with a knife that resulted in twelve lacerations and nerve damage.

See Opposition Letter

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