2012 People v. Calvin Sharp

In August 2007, Calvin Sharp chased down, attacked, and brutally killed a 6-year-old boy, Sev’n Molina, with a meat cleaver. When Sev’n’s mother, Sandra Ruiz, tried to stop the attack, Sharp attacked her as well, causing major life-long injuries. A neighbor, Diane Cox, also attempted to intervene and suffered serious injuries at the hands of Sharp.

Parents of Murdered Children National Day of Remembrance

Parents of Murdered Children National Day of Remembrance – September 25, 2012

In 2010, nearly 15,000 people were murdered or were the victims of manslaughter nationwide. This equates to one murder every 35.6 seconds. Sadly, 21 of these homicides were committed in Ventura County – a number that, thankfully, well below our average of 32 homicides per year.

2011 People v. Ricardo Villa

Victim Beatrice Bellis, age 87, was deaf and functionally mute. She lived at the Mar Vista apartment complex, an elder care facility located in Port Hueneme, California. In June 1993, an unknown assailant slipped into her unlocked apartment, stabbed her repeatedly with a large kitchen knife, and raped her as she bled to death. The perpetrator cleaned up in the bathroom then fled from the building in the dead of night. Despite an intense investigation and neighborhood canvass, the Port Hueneme Police Department was initially unable to develop evidence leading to a culpable suspect.